Have you ever wondered how She Did It? And if you could do it too? Recent years have made more women stop and question what is really serving them in life. They've made us wonder how we can pivot and break the patterns holding us back. But how do you go from where you are now to the life you desire? What actions do you have to take today to get there?

In She Did It you'll discover how 17 women from around the world created rapid success in their lives and business. You'll learn how they overcame their fear and blocks and what actions they took to break through it all and change everything.

Not only will you get to know 17 incredible and inspirational stories, but you'll also get to learn from them. In each chapter, they'll share a few steps you can implement in your own life or business TODAY – not in months or years from now!

This book will show you that it's possible to change your life or start a business from scratch and create rapid success in
both. You'll discover how the women in this book are no different to you - they were also afraid and had blocks to overcome at times as well.

The following stories you're about to read have proven results and each chapter provides secrets that will help you create rapid success in your life and business. Each woman has a different story, different challenges to overcome and achieved different successes.

Just remember that success is available to all.

She Did It! ...and so can you!

She Did It! Co-authors:
Alisha Whaley
Anja Ekstrøm
Evelyn Brink
Heather Russo
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Perle
Mia Belle Trisna
Mia Doerschner
Miella Ravenscroft
Neeta Hanzra
Rachel Feldman
Sabrina Cochran
Shan Simpson
Sonia Ovenden
Stephanie Bourbon
Szoey Freya Sølvelind
Vaida Cesnulyte