Until Brené Brown hit our TEDx and TED screens with her early talks on vulnerability and shame, most of us would never discuss the things we were ashamed of.

Shame feeds off fear and insecurity, and fear of discovery holds us in our shame. The funny thing is that when we do shine the light on the things we're ashamed of, we often find that others have had the same experience and that what we have been hiding is something that deserves love and compassion, maybe even laughter, but not shame.

This is an important book, because it brings together the intersections of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery--Financial Poverty--Transformative Self-Healing and how shame inhibits all three.

This book addresses an issue that is often touched on in passing in conversations about financial wellbeing but is rarely covered in significant depth.

Awareness is the first step, then comes the real work of finding the tools and achieving healing. Featuring the stories and how-to to the favourite healing modalities of 14 professionals serving people on their journeys out of poverty and into abundance including and beyond numbers.


Tammy Ketura
Alisa Schultz Whyte
Andrea B Wainer
BethAnne Palinginis
Deva Kaveesha
Giselle Morgan
Holly Hartman
Jennifer Collett
Julie Fernandez
LaKisha D James
Lauren Korthy
Liz Bull
Tamara Low
Yvette Oloo