“I was determined not to simply be a good Italian girl.
I was secretly dreaming big. Far bigger than what good Australian-Italian girls were expected to. I wanted to have it all - travel the world, have a successful career and tick off everything on my bucket list. Plus, I'd get married, raise a big Italian family, and achieve all that other stuff I was pre-programmed to do. And no one was going to stop me!"

The Good Italian Girl contains the journey of Claudia Callisto, told through her proud Australian-Italian eyes. Claudia shares her experiences of growing up in an Italian family, both the highs and lows, as she struggled to find her own identity due to the unwritten cultural rules she often felt pressured to follow.

After taking the leap from feeling stuck to re-energised, Claudia has emerged as a woman on a mission with new insights to share with her ethnic soul sisters, Giussas and mothers of the world! Claudia also discusses the positive cultural experiences instilled during her childhood that she believes will give today's new generation of tech-minded children a sense of belonging.

Through her personal stories, humour, and practical resources, Claudia shows the way to other ethnic women who are struggling to find their passion and live life on their terms. In these pages, you'll also discover bonus material that will inspire you to:
  • Find your passion, and share your innate abilities with the world
  • Connect with others and live life the way you have envisioned it
  • Live a life free of guilt and obligations that is equally fulfilling for yourself and your children
  • Embrace your dreams and become your authentic self
Born in Adelaide, Australia, to Italian immigrant parents, Claudia Callisto is an Amazon bestselling author and the co-founder of Shining Light, an organisation that provides women and children the tools to practice mindfulness, kindness and gratitude, as well as develop positive mindsets.